Kerry Guinan, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin
Katie Moore, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin
Stephen Burke, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin
A4 DIT Graduate Prize Exhibtion, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin

Camilla Hanney: Resurrections To Moral Degradation, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin
Emily McGardle: The Recovery, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin


Curator: Talking In Circles: Community voices discuss equality issues at the heart (and art) of society in Ireland, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin

Curator: The Unofficial Parade | Triangular Brush & A4 Sounds,  Mart Gallery, Dublin
Curator: A4 Art 4 Refugees, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin

Curator: Fundland, A4 Towers, Dublin
Giant Tape Deck, Dublin Mini Maker Faire, Dublin
Curator: Wolf Party, Dublin
Curator: Citizens’ Exhibition, The Northsiders’Museum, Dublin
Curator: The Northsiders’ Project, The Northsiders’Museum, Dublin
What is ><3m tall and makes noise? The Harold’s Cross Community Festval, Dublin
Curator: A4 Sounds has Animal Magnetism, Dublin, London, Hong Kong

Curator: A4 Sounds has Animal Magnetism, Dublin, London, Hong Kong
Curator: A4 Sounds is 1337!, Earwig! Tuam Arts Festival, Ireland
A4 Sounds is Super Superstitious, Philia Home Gallery, Hong Kong

Drawing Connections, Sienna Art Insitute, Italy
-the little things-, Open Studio, Melbourne, Australia

Curator: A4 Corp is a Shop!, Earwig! Tuam Arts Festival, Galway
ArtQuake, The Joinery, Dublin
In Pursuit of Amusement, 126 Gallery, Galway
Arty Party, Dublin
Koala Expo, Santiago, Chile

Culture Night, Arus Na Gael,Galway
A4 Sounds is a Wind-Up!, The Back Loft Gallery, Dublin
A4 Sounds on Tour!, Catalyst Arts, Belfast
Oh! Francis! Oh! Fringe!, Fringe HQ, Dublin
Oh! Francis!, Various, Dublin
Nouveau Vadge, The Back Loft, Dublin
A Gigstallation, The Joy Gallery, Dublin

A Visual Munch, International Exhibition No.1, Buenos Aires
A Visual Munch, Exhibition No.2, Dublin


Exhibition Images 2008 – Present:


The Many Creationist Worlds Interpretation, 2012
A4 Sounds is Super Superstitious, Philia Home, Hong Kong, 2012

“… there were 22 spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension. God said let the p-branes in 11 dimensions collide and form a d-brane. And on this first day God spoke in this new singularity:  “Let there be protons, neutrons and electrons”  And right away the strings began to vibrate and there were protons, neutrons and electrons , scattering in the cooling darkness and showing the infinite space….”