Lisa Crowne is a visual artist with a social practice that explores what it means for art to be “useful” in relation to social change. She does this through a variety of methods, including production, curation, administrative, management, educational, developmental, conversational and collaborative approaches.

To date, the primary vehicle for her work has been a building in north-inner-city Dublin that houses A4 Sounds, a socially engaged artist-led studios and gallery. Lisa uses this space to create and foster networks and happenings, and to develop relationships with and among artists, communities, activist groups, and campaigns. Lisa leverage’s these relationships to produce exhibition programmes, educational programmes, and events that facilitate important conversations on issues that impact people locally and are mirrored nationally. She identifies ways to use A4 Sounds’ position as an artist space to intervene in society at multiple scales. A commitment to social justice informs all of her work.

To learn more about this work please visit: www.a4sounds.org