Lisa is an artist whose current practice and research explores how interdisciplinary approaches, combined with constructivist learning theories, can push the boundaries of collaborative art practice in Ireland and provide a framework for community-centered learning. She is interested in how different communities can interact and communicate to potentially create new networks focused on the collective knowledge, engagement and participation of all their members.

Her main project is A4 Sounds.

A4’s mission is to transform the means by which cultural works are produced, accessed, and understood in Ireland, and by doing so to contribute to the development of a more just society. They want to Make Art That Matters.

A4’s workspace is an extension of this work, intended as a participative socially engaged arts and education centre in Dublin. Drawing on the best elements from existing artist studios, maker spaces, social spaces and education practices both nationally and internationally, they are developing a unique model which both supports practitioners’ professional development and effects real social change in response to our needs as citizens and communities, and how we access and participate in arts and education.